What Exterminators Really Think of The In2Care Mosquito Trap

If you live in the South or in places like Florida and Arizona, you’re no stranger to issues with mosquitoes. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on coil rings or sticky traps anymore. Exterminators now offer a fool-proof solution to get rid of mosquitoes with the In2Care Mosquito Trap!

If you’re someone who’s concerned about the viruses and diseases mosquitoes spread, then stopping them before they enter your home is vital. Mosquitoes can potentially spread diseases like Yellow Fever or the Zika Virus. Regardless, they are still, quite frankly, pretty annoying.  

So far, In2Care is available for across all American states, with the exception of:

  • Idaho
  • Montana 
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota 
  • Wyoming
  • Wisconsin

In order to have the system installed, you will need the help of an exterminator.

We spoke with a trusted and experienced exterminator to get some answers about why she always recommends it for anyone with a mosquito problem.

Keep reading to find out why homeowners and exterminators alike have raved about its effectiveness in killing those pesky blood-suckers!

How Does the In2Care Trap Work?

The In2Care Mosquito Trap is an in-ground system targeting mosquitoes in the adult and the larvae stages. Unlike some of the other methods you’ve probably tried, this system kills mosquitoes before they even get the chance to bite you. 

The In2Care system attracts mosquitoes by appearing as an ideal place to lay eggs. Inside, the mosquitoes sit on floater gauze while they lay eggs into a larvicide-filled water. The floater gauze made with a biological fungus sticks to the mosquito. The mosquito then travels to other mating sites and disburses the biological fungus, thus killing other mosquitoes. 

Ultimately, both adult and immature mosquitoes are eliminated before they become an issue. 

The fungus kills adult mosquitoes within a couple of days as it penetrates the body, and continues to spread the fungus to other oncoming mosquitoes. 

Is The In2Care Trap Safe?

Although the larvicide in the system has low concentrations of toxins, it’s still highly effective on mosquitoes.

Thankfully, it won’t harm birds or other wildlife that go near it. In2Care recommends using their system in places where mosquitoes frequent such as shady or highly vegetated areas. 

This system is US-EPA approved. Exterminators everywhere recommend using it if you have a big problem.

In2Care suggests that the system can last for several years, but the trap floater must be replaced regularly. A qualified exterminator will need to install the system for it to properly work. 

What Do Exterminators Think of In2Care?

For this review, we asked pest control expert, Lisa what she thought of the In2Care system. Lisa is an experienced exterminator from Houston, Texas. She owns her own pest control company, and is highly involved in the pest control community.

Our team at Pest Brigade collaborated with her to talk about why she uses the In2Care system. 

Q: Why do you recommend using the In2Care system, and what makes it so powerful?

I love it because it is targeted. No bees and no butterflies will be harmed by this system, unlike misting and fogging. 

What makes it powerful is that it is working 24/7, rain or shine.

Q: Why can’t unlicensed users install the device? 

Mostly it’s the training. I’ve been installing the systems for three seasons now. The first year I even had some failures. You really need the right training to understand proper placement for the best protection. 

Q: How long does the system last for?

The traps need to be refreshed monthly during the season.

Q: How long does one season last for you?

In Houston I set up the traps towards the end of March and pick them up in November.  Seasons vary based on how far north you are.

Pest Brigade recommends consulting with an exterminator in your area to see how long you should expect your system to last. 

Q: How do you install the system and how long does installation take?

Installation is quick and easy once proper locations and distances have been established. I can usually install a system in half an hour in a standard backyard. Large areas will take longer.

Q: What else should you expect during the installation and while the device is first working?

It takes two weeks after installation to start seeing results. This is because mosquitoes prefer to breed in stale water, and we fill the traps with clean water when we install them. 

To speed the process up, In2Care includes yeast tablets that help make the water go stale faster.

Q: How do you know the device is working properly?

Besides not getting eaten alive? You can open the traps and see the wriggling larvae stuck in there. It’s awesome to see. 

More about Lisa: Lisa owns and operates Peacock Pest Control in Houston, Texas. She specializes in natural, yet effective methods of pest control. Her business believes in putting customers and the environment first. Peacock Pest Control services both commercial and residential properties, and have amazing customer service. 

How Do You Get the In2Care System?

For estimates on In2Care installation, call a local pest control expert for a consultation. An exterminator will need to inspect your property and assess what’s best for your infestation. Price can vary depending on how large your property is. 

If you’d like to speak to an exterminator in your area, call Pest Brigade and we can set you up with a pest control expert today!

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