The Most Popular Wasp and Hornet Killers on Amazon

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Every spring, wasps and hornets somehow make their way into our picnics, BBQs, houses, and gardens. They can be incredibly dangerous to deal with, especially if you have an allergy or a sensitivity. We’ve ranked some of the top-rated products on Amazon that’ll help you get rid of wasps and hornets!

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Creating a Defense Regiment 

Creating a defense regiment that’ll both repel and kill wasps and hornets. Doing this will also prevent further damage to your home, and keep exterminator costs down to a minimum. Consider several places where you may have some run-ins with wasps this summer.

A Quick Look The Top-Rated Products

Here’s a quick look at some of the top products on the market. As you can see, each has its own benefits and setbacks. Depending on who you are and your infestation, you might want to consider several products out there.

ProductFormFunctionAdditional Info
Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer FoamFoamKills insectsWhole line of defense
Ecosmart Organic Wasp and Hornet KillerAresol sprayKills insectsOrangic killer made with essential oils
Hensita Wasp TrapBaited trapsKills and baits insectsIncredibly durable and can be used for years
Rescue Trapstik for WaspsSticky trapKills and baits insectsComes with safe guard to protect other wildlife
The Executioner Fly Swatter RacketElectric swatterKills insectsEasily portable
Hensita Electronic Bug ZapperWall plug-inKills and repels insectsProtection all throughout your home
Black Flag Sticky TrapSticky trapKills insectsCan be used indoors and outdoors
Vitax Nippon Wasp PowderPowderKills and baits insectsVery highly rated
Dr. Killgan’s Insect BusterPufferMechanismDurable and sleek design
Maad Brands Patio EdenNest decoyRepels insects“No questions” money-back guarantee

Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer Foam 

148 reviews with a 4.2-star rating 

Price: $23.04

We showcased this foam spray in our Terro line review. We loved it so much, we thought we would share this as our top pick for a chemical foam spray. This product can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill wasps, hornets, yellow jacks and mud daubers. It’s a powerful spray that can be used up to 20 feet away. The foam coats nests entirely to completely kill an infestation. Terro’s Wasp and Hornet Killer foam attacks and destroys nests directly. Terro recommends using this product by:

  1. Treating at sunrise or sunset when nests are least active
  2. Standing a safe distance away from the nests- never stand directly underneath a nest
  3. Spraying the opening then the rest of nest until the it’s completely soaked 
  4. Waiting 24 hours before safely removing the nests

Ecosmart Organic Wasp and Hornet Killer 

119 reviews with a 3.4-star rating

Price: $16.62

For those who want a spray solution without all the chemicals, try Ecosmart’s Organic Wasp and Hornet Killer. This product kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other flying insects. What’s neat about this product is that it’s a 100 percent organic insecticide made with essential oils. Ecosmart is completely safe to use around children, pets, and those with sensitivities. You can spray this product directly onto plants or other vegetation without worry. It’s non-toxic formula cannot contaminante groundwater and is safe for larger wildlife. 

Some users found that this product may not spray up to 20 feet as it suggests. However, many of the Amazon reviews were widely positive, and found no adverse effects on children or animals. 

Hensita Wasp Trap 

106 reviews with a 4.6-star rating

Price: $25.99

Hensita Wasp Traps are incredibly easy to use and durable. This product comes with 2 wasp traps and 2 strips of velcro for hanging. It works by baiting and trapping wasps, hornets, and other flying insects without users ever having to interact directly with them. It’s double-entry design allows for more opportunity to trap pests. It features a bug-attracting UV LED light that’s solar powered and works in the dark. Users found that this product was so durable, they were able to use it for multiple years. It’s a safe and non-toxic solution to trapping and killing any flying insects. To us this product:

  1. 1. Remove the screw-off cap
  2. 2. Add a wasp-attracting bait like beer, honey, or sugar 
  3. You can also add insect trapping glue or chemicals for extra strength 
  4. 3. Hang the trap in insect hotspots or close to nests
  5. 4. Replace the trap every 2 to 4 weeks, or if it’s full

Hensita recommends using their product for outdoor activities like picnics or camping trips. It can also be used around the home, but try to keep it as far away from people as possible. Hensita also offers a guarantee policy if you’re unsatisfied with the product.  

Rescue Trapstik for Wasps 

1,531 reviews with a 3.6-star rating

Price: $9.03

The Rescue trapstik is a sticky trap used to lure all sorts of flying insects from wasps to flies. This is a chemical-free solution to trap and kill wasps. It’s weather-resistant, making it safe to use outdoors. It’s new design features a trap-guard that helps prevent other wildlife such as birds from getting caught. Rescue says they worked with the National Audobon Society to create this new safety feature. 

Place the trap anywhere outside your home, or use while on camping trips. Some users found more success trapping insects without the guards, however, you do risk endangering other wildlife and people. 

The Executioner Fly Swatter Racket

7,508 reviews with a 4.4-star rating

Price: $22.50

This is a good old-fashioned electric swatter. The Executioner is one of the top-rated and most highly reviewed electric rackets on Amazon. All it needs is 2 AA batteries, and you’re good to go! This specific brand of racket was made to throughout all your future camping trips, hikes, picnics, or BBQ’s. This can be dangerous to use around children and animals, so proceed with caution when using. Users found that the racket needs to touch the insect directly when you kill it, and that the activating button was faulty. HOwever, The Executioner does offer a warranty with the product. 

Hensita Electronic Bug Zapper

638 reviews with a 4.3-star rating

Price: $19.95

This plug-in bug zapper works just like an ultrasonic repeller, but also features a powerful zap trap used to kill insects. It’s one of the top-rated and most highly-reviewed wall plug-ins on Amazon. Majority of the reviews have nothing but good things to say about this product. It’s also a no-toxic and chemical-free solution to flying pests such as:

  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Mosquitos 
  • Flies
  • Gnats 

It can be used indoors, and is easily portable. To use Hensita’s zapper, simply plug into any socket and wait for the blue light to turn on. This product can harm humans and pets if touched. Be sure to use caution when using, and place discreetly. The zapper does need to be cleaned every week with the soft brush it comes with. Remove the zapper from any electrical source before cleaning and follow Hensita’s tips on proper care. Some users say that the product didn’t last as long as the packaging suggests, but Henita does offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.  

Black Flag Sticky Trap

477 reviews with a 4.2-star rating

This is another sticky trap that can be used to trap any flying insects. We included this product because Blag Flag does say you can use this product indoors. This product features a small cup at the bottom of the trap which can be used to place a bait inside. It can be used for up to 3 months, or when the trap has filled up. Blag Flag recommends using their product by:

  1. Slowly removing the product from the carton straight up
  2. Handling the product by top and bottom cups. Do Not touch sticky trap 
  3. Using the attached hooks to hang the product where wasps frequent

You can use the sticky trap anywhere in your house, patio, garden, barn, shed, or anywhere you have infestation. If you need a trap in a more sensitive area, this may be the product for you. If you find that it’s not attracting pests, try replacing your bait in the cup, or move the trap.

Vitax Nippon Wasp Powder

85 reviews with a 4.7-star rating

This is a powder treatment that can be used to disturb and attack nests, but can still be used on wooden surfaces. Vitax claims that their product offers “rapid and effective control” of wasp and hornet nests. To use, apply the powder to the nest entrance at night or when activity is at its lowest. Then wait for all activity to stop before safely removing the nest. On Amazon, this product has incredibly positive reviews. We recommend using this product with an extended puffer for the safest treatment.    

Dr. Killgan’s Insect Buster

592 reviews with a 4.6-star rating

Price: $23.97

Dr. Killgan’s Insect Buster puffer is designed to be used with Diatomaceous Earth. It comes in 2 sizes, both can get into hard-to-reach areas. This product features an extendable brass knob, which means you’ll be safe from harm and it’s made to last a long time. The Insect Buster does not come with Diatomaceous Earth, or other chemical powders. This means you have your choice of powder killer. This product can be used to kill a number of pests such as:

  • Wasps
  • Hornets 
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • And more

It’s design is not only fashionable, but is also durable. Some users had issues with the Insect Buster clogging when using. Do not overfill the rubber puffer (it only needs about 1 cup of powder!), and always properly clean and dry as recommended by Dr. Killgan. 

Maad Brands Patio Eden 

707 reviews with a 3.7-star rating

Price: $12.95

This is a faux nest meant to repel wasps without using any chemicals. Maad Brand’s faux nest comes with 3 realistically-sized faux nests. To use this product, simply place one of the nests in where wasps like to build nests. It might seem kind of crazy that it can repel wasps without chemicals, but it works! Wasps and hornets are incredibly territorial creatures. They generally don’t want anything to do with another colony, and will do anything to avoid conflict with other insects. This decoy is best used to prevent wasps and hornets from making nests in the first place. Some users found that a few brave stragglers weren’t bothered by the decoys, but Maad Brand does offer a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

Let us know what products you use to keep wasps and hornets at bay in the comments below! If you have any questions on how you should use these products, or want more recommendations, call one of our premier partners for free information. 

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