Reviewing The 5 Top-Rated Terro Products

Terro liquid ant bait

If you’ve shopped for pest control products, you’ve probably come across the Terro’s line of pest defense. Most of Terro’s products use a baiting and killing technique by using ingredients like boric acid to kill common house pests such as ants

Today, we’re going to share Amazon’s 5 most popular Terro products and what our experts think of them. 

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Terro Liquid Ant Baits

6,409 reviews with a 4.5-star rating 

Price: $13.44

“I don’t write reviews but this product worked so well I had to share. I had ants coming out of my walls and floor boards. I had an exterminator come twice to spray. Didn’t work at all. It’s a clean house so I couldn’t figure out why I kept seeing them in random spots and then I found one of their holes. That’s when I woke up to a nightmare surrounding my bait!” 

-Reviewer from Amazon

This product is a liquid bait used to kill ants in popular hotspots. It comes in a plastic mechanism known as a bait station that can be placed along baseboards, under appliances and furniture, on windowsills, or wherever your ants frequent.

The ants are attracted to the sugary-sweet bait, but the borax (boric acid) will slowly kill the ant by attacking the digestive system. Additionally, it also allows the ants to take the bait back to the colony, which quickly infects the rest of the colony. 

To use the bait:

  1. Twist or cut off the cap of the bait station without spilling the bait
  2. Place the bait with the label facing up along places where ants frequent
  3. Monitor the bait station for activity and leave it undisturbed
  4. Replace the bait station every 2 weeks or when the bait is completely gone

You also use this product for regular inspection and maintenance after the ant infestation is controlled. Some users did report issues with the design of the twist-off cap. If you do find you’re having issues, use scissors to cut off the cap, or use Terro’s multi-surface liquid bait. 

Terro Multi Surface Liquid Ant Bait with Adhesive Strips

948 reviews with a 4.1-star rating

Price: $6.47

“Let me tell you the ants were marching one by one hurrah hurrah, the ants were marching two by two hurrah hurrah, the ants were marching straight inside to take up the poison and make them all die, and I haven’t seen them since, anywhere, on the walls. Doom doom doom doom.”

-Reviewer from Amazon

This product comes with 4 discrete baits that have a 2-color design that allows the baits to blend into your home’s decor. The Multi Surface baits come with the same sugary-sweet formula that’s poisoned with borax. Worker ants will take the bait back to the colony, and will slowly kill off the rest of the ants. To use this product:

  1. Open the plastic tab on the bait station
  2. Place along places where ants frequent, and use the adhesive strips to stick along objects
  3. Monitor the bait station for activity and leave it undisturbed

This product is perfect if you’re unsure about your infestation’s entry points, but need to stop ants in their tracks.       

Terro Outdoor Liquid Bait Stakes

59 reviews with a 4.5-star rating

Price: $6.47

“We were using the indoor ant traps by this company and loved them as our whole town has an ant problem but these are game changing as it helps keep the ants outside!!! We had a HUGE line of them going to the trap! This is an awesome product that truly does work. We put them all around the outside perimeter of our home and didn’t see an ant inside for months!”

-Reviewer from Amazon

This product is a great defense against pests before they enter your home. This product comes with 16 baiting stations. To use these baits, place the stakes with the attached baits along the exterior of your home.

The bait is made of Terro’s signature sugary-sweet bait with borax hidden inside. You can even see inside the stakes to see how much bait there is left, and which baits are most frequented by ants. Terro’s stakes can kill an infestation at the source before they’re able to enter your home.

Some users even reported the stakes working on other pests aside from ants such as:

Terro’s Super Fly Magnet Fly Trap    

59 reviews with a 3.3-star rating

Price: $10.20

“I’ve tried tons of products and this is the one that works best. The traps with liquid get a ton of flies, but they smell so bad we couldn’t be in the backyard. This product has no odor and caught TONS of flies. It still worked even after sitting out for multiple days and being in the rain. We have chickens and that means flies in the summer so this product is a must for our family.”

-Reviewer from Amazon

This product comes in a 19 inch-long strip made with sticky paper and 3D imagery that lures flying insects. To use the product, simply place, attach, or hang along anywhere flies frequent.

Some users reported the traps being so strong it became harmful to other wildlife like birds. Be sure to monitor your trap, and move the trap if other wildlife is being harmed.

Consumers who found success using this product have placed the trap in:

  • Sheds
  • Barns 
  • Along trees
  • Along garbage cans

Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer Foam 

2 reviews with a 5-star rating 

Price: $23.04

“I have ground hornets. I emptied this can on their best one night, and never saw them again. Now I have another can in case any ever come back.”

-Reviewer from Amazon

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill wasps, hornets, yellow jacks and mud daubers.It’s a powerful spray that can be used up to 20 feet away. The foam coats nests entirely to completely kill an infestation.

To use this product:

  1. Treat at sunrise or sunset when nests are least active
  2. Stand a safe distance away from the nests- never stand directly underneath a nest
  3. Spray opening then the rest of nest until the it’s completely soaked 
  4. Wait 24 hours before safely removing the nests

 If you have questions about how to safely use any of these products, give one of our partners at Pest Brigade a call! Let us know if we missed anything, or if there’s another Terro product you want us to review in the comments below!

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