Pet Owners Beware of Knock-Off Flea Collars in PA

Buyer beware of counterfeit flea collars in Pennsylvania state! The flea collar brand Seresto has been a popular option for dog owners everywhere who struggle with flea and tick issues. Ticks and fleas are a common issue in both dogs and cats, no matter the size. 

These infestations can be extremely problematic and overwhelming, as pests like fleas can lay dormant for an entire year before hatching! This is why many owners will opt for a flea collar like the Seresto, as it can be worn up to 8 months with ease. It provides a long-lasting solution without greasy or messy creams. 

Over the last few weeks, US customs have seized 13 international packages with counterfeit flea and tick collars for dogs and cats. The collars aren’t just useless against fleas and ticks, they’re also harmful and could cause chemical burns!

As customs works to seize all the counterfeit packages, which are being sent out to multiple different states across America, they warn consumers who purchase products without proper research. The product normally retails anywhere between $57 to $72 from trusted retailers. If you think you found a sweet discount online, beware of its authenticity.   

How Do Flea Collars Work?

Flea collars use chemicals within the device which slowly releases overtime. It’s recommended owners use a flea collar after ridding their pet of the initial infestation. This will help kill any leftover eggs and larvae still hiding on your pet or in your home. Owners may see fleas and ticks on their pet after using the collar. This is a good sign it’s working, as pests move to the top of your pet’s coat as they die!

The Seresto flea and tick collar uses flumethrin and imidacloprid as their active ingredients. Be sure to watch your pet after using, as they could have an allergic reaction. 

Even if you buy a product from a reputable retailer, your pet is still at risk of having an allergic reaction. With any new product you use on your pet, always check for adverse reactions and strange behaviors. 

More Solutions For Fleas and Ticks

If your pet does have an allergic reaction, don’t worry. Immediately take off the collar and contact your veterinarian for advice. You don’t have to swear off flea collars forever, just check the ingredient list for flumethrin or imidacloprid. If your pet is allergic to these ingredients, try something with fipronil. 

Fipronil is also a power chemical solution to fight fleas and ticks. However, if you’re worried about harsh chemicals on your pet, opt for natural solutions like essential oils. Lavender and cedarwood essential oils are particularly helpful for flea and tick infections, but always ask your vet before using. 

Have a Flea or Tick Infestation?

Fleas and ticks can be hiding anywhere in your home. If your pet’s had a bad case, and you keep seeing them throughout your home, it might be time to call an exterminator. 

Pest Brigade works with qualified specialists that can safely and effectively rid your home of fleas and ticks. To talk to an exterminator in your area, call the number at the top of the page.   

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