7 Questions To Ask Your Exterminator Before Hiring Them

Knowing what kind of questions to ask an exterminator before hiring them can save you money on pest control services. Asking questions and knowing warning signs of bad exterminators can stop fraud before it happens. 

You should only let people you trust into your home. This is also true for pest control services and exterminators. To get the best care, ask your exterminator these 7 questions before hiring them! 

What To Ask Your Pest Technician Before Hiring Them

Upon your first consultation, be sure your exterminator honestly answers all these questions. They should be able to explain everything to you in a way you’d understand them. If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask! Your exterminator is here to help you.

How long have you been an exterminator for and what kind of training do you have?

You don’t need a college degree to become an exterminator, but all pest technicians should be well-versed and trained in their field. 

Some states require exterminators to pass tests on licensing, safety, laws, and pest identification. Many treatments also require certain licensing, as the pesticides and chemicals are incredibly powerful, so they must be used correctly. 

Do you have testimonials or reviews?

You can probably already find reviews of your exterminator through social media. But if they seem reluctant to share anything or they say they don’t have any reviews, this is probably a big red flag

When reading the reviews, look out for:

  • Generic reviews or fake reviews
  • Overly positive or deleted poor reviews
  • Reviews from spam bots

At Pest Brigade, we only partner with the top pest control specialists, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of care. 

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Your exterminator should have all their licensing and insurance settled before they come to your home. Having a bonded pest control company is also important, as it makes the company liable for any damages done to your home. 

Any professional exterminator needs to be licensed by federal law. Every state has different regulations, so check with your state’s department of agriculture to see what requirements they should have. 

What do you recommend for my pest problem and why did you choose this route?

This might seem like a bit of a loaded question but it’s important to know what your exterminator thinks the problem and solution is. Be sure to ask them some of the following questions to break this part down a little more:

  • What kind of pests are in my home and are they common here?
  • What stage (egg, larvae, adult) is my infestation in?
  • How serious is this problem and how long will it take to get rid of the infestation?
  • Is the infestation likely to come back? What can you do to stop it?
  • How frequently should an exterminator come to my house?

This will let you know exactly how your exterminator expects. This should also let you know how your exterminator expects to solve the situation, and if this is a long-term issue.  

Is the treatment safe for my family and my pets?

The chemicals that exterminators use are very powerful against pests, but they can also be powerful on those you love the most. When you ask this question, be sure to voice any concerns over your or your family’s safety. 

Can you get rid of my pests for good, and how likely are they to come back?

Some problems may be recurring, it’s especially important that your exterminator be honest about the likelihood of the problem coming back. Many will recommend different maintenance treatments you can do yourself while the problem is dormant.

If your exterminator does recommend a follow-up appointment or continuous treatments, they’re not trying to scam you. Many pests such as fleas can be dormant for a year before you start to notice them again. As long as your exterminator explains why, you won’t be taken advantage of.    

Will I have to leave my house?

Depending on the treatment and the type of chemicals, you may have to leave your home for a period of time. Ask your exterminator how long they expect treatment to take, as you will need to make arrangements depending on the infestation. For instance, it only takes a day or two to get rid of bed bugs, but if your home has a termite problem, it will have to be tented for at least a week. 

Can you offer a written quote and do you have any guarantees?

Asking for a written quote ensures that you only pay for what the exterminator thinks the problem is worth. Some shadier companies may lower the quote, so you’re more eager to sign onto their services.

If you’ve been quoted a price for servicing, call Pest Brigade to see what our other partners will offer. The quotes should be around the same if the exterminator you work with is honest. 

Quotes are just an estimation of the exterminator’s time and product used. They may stumble across unexpected problems upon further inspection. Always budget more than what you’re quoted, and keep communication open with your exterminator to know what you’re dealing with every step of the way!

What Should You Look Out For?

When you first meet with your exterminator, be on the lookout for any dishonest or vague answers to your questions. In addition to that, also wary of anyone that: 

  • Offer pest control services in a package deal with other household services like tree trimming
  • Special prices for quick or immediate treatment 
  • Has an unlisted phone number or a dead website
  • Sells pest control services door-to-door or arrive unexpectedly selling more services
  • Shows you pests from neighboring houses and claiming yours could be infected too 
  • Claims to have a “secret formula” or uses products unregistered by the EPA
  • Tries to pressure you into immediately signing
  • Uses scare tactics such as suggesting your home may collapse if untreated
  • Offers leftover material from a previous job or reduced prices for immediate treatment
  • Claim to be endorsed by any government agency 

If you do come across an individual or company like this, simply say no. Do not feel pressured to speak to them. Next, report the scam to your state consumer protection agency, or call your local non-emergency line. 

Want Reputable Pest Control Services?

Pest Brigade only works with top-quality exterminators across America. We can assure that any of our partners you call will provide expert care and service. To find an exterminator in your area today, call the number at the top of your screen.   

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