13 Backyard Father’s Day Gifts For Under $50

13 Backyard Father’s Day Gifts For Under $50

If we’re being honest, finding a gift for your dad is nearly impossible. The bigger challenge is finding something he’ll actually use that doesn’t cost half your rent. No two dads are alike, but chances are, your dad is spending most of his summertime outside BBQing, gardening, or just catching some rays. Our editors made a list of gifts your dad will not only use but love because they’ll keep his yard pristine all summer long. 

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The Ultimate Backyard Experience

Let’s get one thing straight: how do you throw the ultimate backyard party? We could give you a list of BBQ tongs and hot sauce from Amazon, but chances are your dad already has these things. We really went into what your dad’s going to need to throw the BEST backyard BBQ.

What better way to celebrate coming out of a pandemic than throwing the Father’s Day party of the year? Even if that means just keeping it exclusive to your own family. 

We’ve picked out a few gifts that’ll help your dad chill, play, explore, and serve up the best backyard BBQ. Best of all, all these gifts are $50 or under and are available on Amazon Prime (you know, in case you forgot about it until now.)

Chill Gifts For Dad

Your dad’s a hard worker and deserves a day of rest. For father’s day, your dad wants to do absolutely nothing but sit on his butt while you do his bidding. Rather than having a massive party, your dad would rather enjoy his day relaxing outside with his family. Here are a few gifts to get if this sounds like your dad.

WiseOwl Portable Camping Hammock

hammock for a relaxing father's day gift

This gift is perfect if your dad wants to enjoy father’s day doing nothing, but still wants more opportunities to enjoy his gift. The WiseOwl hammock can fit up to 500 lbs, yet is compact enough to pack into any bag without taking up much space.

Great for the dads that love the great outdoors and thoroughly enjoying just being out in nature. This hammock is super easy to set up and doesn’t require any knotting, meaning it’s beginner-safe. 

We chose this specific hammock because it’s highly reviewed and comes in several different colors. WiseOwl has an entire line of camping gear available on Amazon in case you don’t think the hammock is a good fit for dad.

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Floating Drink Holder

inflatable serving tray for a relaxing father's day gift

Let your dad float away from all his problems with his own floating serving tray. This inflatable serving tray is great for chilling out in the pool or at the lake, completely unbothered by everyone. 

This inflatable serving tray holds drinks, snacks, and even a phone. 

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Yeti Rambler With Chug Cap

yeti rambler with chug cap

You know what your dad will need to go with that floating serving tray you got in your cart? A cup he can use to chug down whatever his drink of choice is. This pick is at the top of the $50 budget, but this gift will last your dad for years to come.

Yeti ramblers are highly reviewed, top-quality gifts your dad can enjoy for years to come. Even if your dad already has his own Yeti, you can still get him the chug cap.

Your dad can take his Yeti on the trail, on the golf course, or while he’s relaxing in his own hammock. 

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Pit Vipers

Does your dad radiate enough “cool” to get him a pair of pit vipers? Amazon has a great dupe for the iconic shades for under $20. Make your dad stylish and ready for the summer sun with these sick shades.

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Monocular Telescope

monocular telescope for outdoor father's day gift

This monocular telescope is great for any dad that loves casual bird watching and sight seeing while hiking. During your backyard BBQ, your dad can sit back in his hammock watching the birds and spying on the neighbors jealous of his awesome backyard party. 

This particular telescope is compatible with most smartphones and produces high-quality images. With a 50mm lens, you can see up to 367 feet or 1,000 yards.

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The Katchy Fly Trap

the katchy fly trap for bug-free father's day

There’s nothing more annoying than just trying to enjoy some chill time with your dad while being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other bugs. Out of all the indoor and outdoor mosquito traps, the Katchy is by far the best.

The Katchy mosquito trap uses UV light to attract mosquitoes and sucks them in with a powerful gust of wind until they get stuck onto a sticky paper trap. You can read up on where exactly to place your Katchy in our blog here

Your food is safe from gnats, flies, and mosquitoes with this portable trap. Best of all, unlike traditional sticky traps, you don’t have to constantly stare at the poor bugs who’ve fallen victim to the Katchy. 

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Funny Garden Gnomes

Want to get your dad something that everyone will kick out of? These garden gnomes are hilariously raunchy, but not too inappropriate. Place one of these cheeky boys in your dad’s garden and see how long it takes him to spot it. It also makes a great gift for grandpa or the uncle that overshares just a little too much. 

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Fun Gifts For Dad

If your dad really wants or needs something, chances are, he’ll go out and get it himself. This year for father’s day, your dad just wants to spend some quality time with his family.

Dads are always seen as the fun parent. Why not put dad’s charisma and intelligence to the test? Here are some more fun gifts for dad if he just wants to spend the day playing, bonding, and laughing with the family. Nothing beats the gift of quality time with your dad.

Bocce Set

If your dad doesn’t already own a bocce set, there’s no doubt about getting him a set. Bocce is an easy and fantastic game to get the backyard BBQ party started.

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Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition 

Now, if you’re tired of playing bocce, try Throw Throw Burrito. This is a fun and hilarious game that basically combines UNO and dodgeball. Nothing says “I love you, dad” like pelting him in the face with a giant blow-up burrito. 

The outdoor version of this game comes with bigger cards and burritos. You could, of course, opt for the original version, but we thought the outdoor version would be better for a father’s day BBQ.

13 Backyard Father’s Day Gifts For Under $50

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Hunter’s Ring Toss

For hunting-fanatic dads, this game is a close second to the real thing. It’ll also take your traditional game of ring-toss and one-up it. This version of ring toss requires players to wear the goal-posts on their heads while other players attempt to get as many rings as possible on the antlers or ears. 

If you don’t have a big budget to get your dad something, a nice card and this game is a great option. 

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Tug-of-war is a classic, but often forgotten backyard game. Get the whole family in this bond-building game of pure strength. 

If your dad decides to throw a massive cookout, this game is sure to get everyone up and get the party started.

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Cornhole With LED Lights

Want the fun to keep going all night long? Get your dad cornhole with LED lights. The LED lights change color with a remote and are easy to assemble and disassemble. Take your traditional cornhole to the next level.

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Water Cannons

Get your dad and the rest of your family totally soaked with some water cannons. The pack we chose comes with 8 foam cannons. For $21 bucks, this is a great gift that’ll be lots of fun to have with your dad. Alternatively, you could also get some regular super soakers and challenge your dad to a duel.

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